Developed by NASA

In the early 1990's, NASA developed what we now know as "Red Light Therapy" for the purpose of growing plants on shuttle missions. They soon realized this technology had other uses, including healing wounds on human skin.

25 years and many technological advances later, there are now over 5000 published clinical trials on Red + Near Infrared Light Therapy showing it to be an extremely safe and effective treatment for stimulating healing, reducing pain, increasing athletic performance, and improving general wellness.

How does Red+ Near Infrared Light Therapy work?

1. Ramping up energy production.

Your mitochondria are tiny structures within your cells that help produce energy for all metabolic functions that take place within your body. They’re designed to turn oxygen, food, and specific wavelengths of light into ATP (Adenosine TriPhosphate). 


ATP can be looked at like cellular currency - the more you have, the more your cells can invest into running programs that keep you healthy and happy. Red + Near Infrared Light Therapy helps improve ATP production by flushing out harmful byproducts of stress that hinder energy production.

2. Building up the cells anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory defense systems

This process is called "Hormesis," where a metabolic stress response stimulates adaptations that actually improve health. This is where temporary stress will signal to the center of our cells (where our DNA is) to signal which genes to turn on or off.


In this scenario, Red + Near Infrared Light stimulate many of the same cellular responses that exercise does. In short, it makes your cells more tolerant to stress, combats inflammation, helps prevent the build up of free radicals, and ultimately makes your cells healthier, more energetic, and more resilient.